Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Although this is late, I wanted to wish Justin a happy FIRST Father's Day!!!! Will LOVES his Daddy- L.O.V.E.S. There is no one that can make Will laugh and cackle like Justin can. Our house becomes a laugh fest when Justin gets home from work; I can hear Will cracking up from across the house! Justin is so natural and laid back when it comes to taking care of Will, which is a great balance to my somewhat crazy Mom ways. Even when Will is exercising his strong will and temper, Justin is so calm and sweet! It really melts my heart when I see the two of them together. It is obvious Will adores his Daddy!

At the NICU, Justin was so PATIENT with Will as he worked on eating. When I would get frustrated at how he was eating, Justin was just encouraging and gentle with our sweet baby boy.

Justin napping with Will

Will starting to realize how cool and funny Daddy is

Oh, how Will loves to sleep on his Daddy

Justin is very excited about raising a little Razorback!!!

Sweet Daddy/Son Picture

I am so grateful for a husband that loves being a dad and is so good at it! We love you very much! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY