Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting into the Routine

I feel like we needed a vacation from our two week Christmas "Sickcation." Ha! I think it took us a week after we got home to get back in the swing of things and get back into any sort of routine.  I am not the most structured person to begin with, so throw me in vacation mode, and all routines and time structure goes OUT.THE.WINDOW. I mean, what are vacations for??:).
So, we are now back to our weekly "schedule." I will never be the mom who has their kids go to bed at 7 every night and naps at the same time every day.  With Justin's job, we are out many nights, he gets home late, and it just doesn't work for us.  However, we have gotten back in our routine. 
Here are some pictures of what we've been up to the last couple of weeks.  Will's big boy friends, Carson and Gavin, celebrated their 6th bdays at Chuck-E-Cheese, AKA Will's favorite place on earth.  He loves these boys so much, and they are so sweet to always include Will in their running around and being rowdy.  
Aubrey Jane has discovered the cool, flashing lights
Josie is always trying to help out Aubrey or mom her.  What a sweet girl:)
Will is really figuring out the games.  It is amazing the difference in development we see every time we go there.  He LOVED watching the big boys play this game.  I think he stood there a good half hour.  Ha.

Of course after Chuck-E-Cheese in these sickie times, baths were in order.  Will set his drink on the edge of the bath while we were undressing him, and Aubrey Jane quickly took the opportunity to steal it.  When he tried to get it back, she quickly turned her back to him and kept on drinking- she didn't miss a beat.  Justin and I were cracking up! This girl if feisty and finally learning to fend for herself against here big brother:). 

We have plenty of laying around and playing time around the house.  Will has LOVED this "new to him" sleeping bag.  He took his nap in it a few days and even lets AJ "hide" in it with him on occasion.

Will loves his "Sissy" and wants her to play with him as long as it doesn't involve ANY of his 30 "Cars" cars.  Seriously, that boy is CRAZY about those cars and carries them around in his back pack ALL.THE.TIME.
I included this picture because I feel like 90% of the time both kids are awake together, I am playing referee.  Will basically always wants AJ to share with him and really shares with her sometimes rarely.  We are constantly working on it.

Justin is leading a couple men's groups called "Joshua's Men," so he is gone 2 Thursdays a month.  We try and get out and about if he is gone all day and night, so the kids can have a change of scenery this mom doesn't totally lose my mind:).  One night we went to Chick-Fil-A with our friends, and they were having a "Make Your Own Biscuit" night! How fun! Just another reason I LOVE the Chick
Yes, Will is taking a bite of the raw biscuit right as the picture was being taken. Sweet child
I believe he ended up wearing more of the flour than got on his biscuit.  Oh, boys.

Will goes to MMO two days a week from 9-1, or for us more like 9:30-1. My life motto right now is "better late than never." It is so good for him to go.  He is an introvert and would LOVE to stay home with his Momma all the time, but it is so good for him to be around other kids and away from the nest every so often. He no longer cries when I drop him off (usually) and always loves telling me what they did that day.  
Here is Will after his Pajama Day. He looks slightly terrified, but it's the only picture I got

One of the things I like about MMO is I get to spend time with just Aubrey Jane.  It is precious time, and I just love the girls getting to run around together. Here are some sweet pictures I have taken of our girl in the last couple weeks.

We try and do lunch with friends or grab coffee. AJ is entertaining our friend, Chelsea here

Aubrey is just NOW getting her SECOND tooth at 15 months.  One of our days was filled with many "teething tears"

AJ loves her dolls and pushing them around, but when her brother is away, she is all about the cars and playing with them! You will often find her strolling around a couple cars or a toy gun.  Love her.
She's quite the helper these days. She is all about the dishwasher.  PS-the prescription bottle is filled with rice...not pills. Ha. 
Just a girl on the go in her PJs- coffee and keys in hand:)
It is a bit blurry, but AJ has her 2 baby dolls she sleeps with every night in her hands.  When she wakes up, she normally carries them around and situates them.
In all of my spare time, I am attempting to learn how to sew. HA. We shall see how this goes.  I have a sweet friend who is going to help me figure some things out. And, I have a few other friends who are trying to learn as well, so we are going to have a sewing know b/c that is how us young stay at home moms roll these days.....sewing parties...more on the sewing progress in blogs to come.

This weekend some of our friends came into town.  We actually knew them when we were all in the singles group together at our church in AR.  Yes, we go WAY back.  When Justin and I were moving to Charlotte, we found out the Vasquezs went to the church Justin was going to be serving at.  I cannot even tell you how good it is to have familiar faces around when EVERYTHING else is new and foreign.  Will and McKenzie were about the same age and became such sweet friends.  We so enjoyed spending some time with them as they were traveling through. 
Will and MK giggling and playing after lunch
Before swimming. AJ modeling her new swimsuit from Target.  LOVE LOVE a baby in a swimsuit
Fearless McKenzie and Will
AJ LOVED the water. Summer, please get here quickly

And lastly just because it is the sweetest picture three LOVES.  Sometimes I cannot even believe the blessings the Lord has given to me in my family. This picture absolutely melts my heart; I love all three so much. I am so grateful for such a sweet Daddy to my precious little ones.

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