Sunday, January 6, 2013

 Well, after a LONG, LONG time of not blogging, I have decided to give it another go.  I was visiting with some friends while home for Christmas and looked at their AMAZING blog book with all their pictures and memories of their sweet kiddos.  I want to have that for my family; what a treasure that will be in the years to come. So, here is my New Year's Resolution.....I am going to blog again! Hopefully, next year at this time I will be making my 2013 blog book to put on my coffee table.  

Christmas this year was so much fun! Will man is all about presents and was so excited about everything he got.  With his birthday and Christmas so close together, he had a hard time understanding the present receiving was over after Christmas day.  Aubrey Jane didn't really understand why she was opening presents, but this girl adds some serious sweetness and fun to everything.  She is such a blessing to our family!!
Pop and Will enjoying some piano playing
Aubrey Jane modeling her new backpack. Seriously, too cute

 We loved being home in AR to spend time with family. Justin's brothers always add a lot of fun with everything we do! Here is a brother dog pile on Will.  If you know our little man, you will appreciate what he is doing to Tim's eye lashes.  Boy takes advantage anytime there is to give some eyelash love. Ha!

 Unfortunately,  this Christmas could also go down as one of the SICKEST we have ever seen.  AJ and I woke up Christmas morning with a BBBBAAADDDD upper respiratory infection that would soon spread through both families like the plague.  Poor kids are still reeling from its effects.  Also, my little nephew Davis brought a stomach bug that got everyone the fever/cough virus didn't claim.  My step-mom is the lone survivor on my side that didn't catch either bug.  There was enough throw up at the Sloneker house to last the year, that is for sure!!!  Either way, we were so grateful for time with family! We are spread out in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and CHINA.

AJ and her sweet cousin Davis and Aunt Chelsea

Will loved playing with his cousin Maycee while there.  Here they are hiding for hide and go seek.
Uncle Charles is the coolest and played so much with the kids

We also got to attend Uncle Drew's Fayetteville basketball game!! Will was so excited to go watch him play and to yell, "Go DREW BEAR!!"

Will was trying to help us out and keep Aubrey on the bulldog. Poor girl:)

 We had a blessed Christmas that is for sure!!! We are beyond grateful for the gift of Jesus Christ and the reason we truly celebrate. 

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